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  • 2 Zoom Consultations in the lead up
  • Music customised to your wedding
  • Recording of the dance set
  • Bump in and bump out
  • High end audio equipment


I am all about making it easy for couples. Planning a wedding can be full on so I have structured my pricing to be easy as.

Start will the 3 hour or 5 hour package and simply add on the extras as you see fit.

  • Custom vinyl dj table
  • PA system & wireless mic
  • 5 hours dj time
  • Live recording

Everything you need to soundtrack your wedding reception

5 hour reception


More often than not when a family member MCs something goes wrong. MC is a co-ordination job, keeping your wedding on time and keeping all vendors informed on what's about to happen next. 



8 neon tubes paired with uplighting gives a super clean and modern look. Start the night with a static look (golden white). Once the party kicks off I use software to time the lights with the music!



Your reception longer than 5 hours, simply add on another hour

Extra hour


add ons

Often ceremony or cocktail hour will be in a different location to the main reception. I have battery powered speakers so we can get a setup going anywhere

extra equipment


I love playing with some of the best musicians in Melbourne. If you are interested in this lets chat and I will suggest the best live performer who matches your style.

live sax/percussion